About Us

Smokitaly was founded in 2012 with an idea and a mission in mind: raise awareness and appreciation around the world about 100% made in Italy products in the field of e-cigs, big battery, e-liquids, electronic cigarettes and accessories.

In this sector, Italy is particularly active: here are designed and manufactured products deserving great visibility for their build quality and design.

Smokitaly will be a “bridge” between small and large Italian manufacturers of e-cigs (electronic cigarettes), big battery, accessories and e-liquids and enthusiasts around the world.

Stylish design, high quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes for products that, in this field, inherit the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Smokitaly intends to pay particular attention to environmental impact issues with environmentally-sustainable products.

Press releases

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Press Release • 15.03.2014 • By Smokitaly by Liquido LTD